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Monday, June 6, 2011

Recent graduates!

Here are some pictures of recent graduates from Canaan and Rousseau.  Each child was lucky enough to have a parent, sibling or on occasion a cook who faithfully brought them every week until they gained their goal weight. 

Delvy, Wesley - 2 1/2 - Went from 10.09 kg to 11.54 kg - Lives in Montrouis at an orphanage with 16 other kids.  Didn't have energy to run around before but now is all smiles.

Eriscat, Fedson - 9 moths - Went from 5.65 kg to 6.25 kg.  One of our first graduates from Rousseau!


Cetoute Otna - 11 months - Went from 6.0 kg to 6.68 kg.  Her mom just took in another baby from the village after the mom passed away. 

Mischak, Eta - 16 months - Went from 8.37 kg to 10.5 kg. Only took him 4 weeks to get to his goal weight.  The mom said he loved the Mamba.

Similien, Dyoceklardie -DOB? - Went from 7.58 kg to 8.29 kg. Another graduate of Rousseau, her mom said she loved the program so much she didn't want to stop.

Jn Louis, Dawenke - 12 months - Went from 4.60 kg to 6.71 kg.  One of my most memorable kids.  Took him a bit to graduate but he finally got there.  Look for his story in an earlier blog.