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Sunday, April 29, 2012

James Joseph Chapter 3

Great news from Haiti!  For all those that have been following James Joseph his visa was approved Friday and will be going to the States for surgery!  It was the last and final leg in the journey in getting him approved to go to the States.  After being away in the States for two weeks I came back this week and went down to the village to check on James and his family.  They were all doing well though James had some stomach swelling and didn't like the fact that his Mom was trying to show me his belly.  He's gotten so big over the past couple of months and looks a lot older with his new hair cut.  I told Momma James that she, Poppa James, and Baby James needed to come with me to the American Embassy Friday and that we would leave at 7:15 to make sure we would be there in plenty of time for our 9:30 appointment.   

Appointment day
Friday morning Stephen and I drove down to the clinic where we met Eddy, a neighboring Haitian, who was going to Port with us to run some errands, but no Momma, Poppa, or baby.  After waiting a few minutes we called the cleaning lady over, who happens to live next door to them, and asked if she would go tell them that we had to leave.   After what seemed like an eternity the family finally showed up and we were on our way!  We still had plenty of time according to the clock but poor Momma James got car sick so we had to stop.  Then the dreaded thing I was trying to avoid happened.  Traffic.  There are two ways to get to the embassy.  A shorter route distance but usually has more  traffic and a longer distance with less traffic.   I thought with it being early in the morning we could avoid most of the traffic....well I was wrong.  

One thing about Port is you never know how much traffic to expect...well I guess I should say expect a lot.  The minutes crept crawling by until finally we had twenty minutes left to make it to the appointment on time and even though there is no speed limit in Haiti there was no way we were going to make it on time.  I closed my eyes to pray for the traffic to part like the red sea and when I opened it the red sea of tap taps and cars were still there.  We were at a stand still.  We had one option.  I turned to Eddy and asked him if he would take the parents on a moto.   I handed him everything I had brought for the appointment and said they needed to get to this appointment on time.   Off the four of them went leaving Stephen and me waiting in the traffic jam for word that they got there on time.  Well not more than fifteen minutes went by that Eddy called saying they made it there on time!  Praise the Lord!  After waiting about 90 minutes I got the call that the appointment went well and they received the visa!  We will be getting the official paper this week and Dr. Smith, who will be operating on James, is coming to talk to the parents in two weeks about the surgery and then will be taking James back.   

Thank you for everyone's prayers for James, for his family, and for this whole process.   We serve a mighty and powerful God and it is only through his works that this all came together.    

On a side note, a couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet the Tony, the Dad from the host family.   He came to Haiti on a mission trip and we met him at the airport so he could meet Momma James and see baby James.  Here are some pictures from that day.  Blessings.

Tony, James and Mom meeting for the first time

Tony showing Momma James pictures of his family

Praying and saying a final goodbye